Let's see what services you can get at your place

Let's see what services you can get at your new place

We'd like to double check your address to ensure we connect your shiny new services at the right property.



The address checking robot is a bit sleepy... please confirm your address. Woah. We've found a LOT of matches... try typing your city or apartment/unit no. Oh. We can't find that address. Are you sure you've got it right?
Try again.
Hmm… Looks like we're having trouble finding your address.
Please call 0800 60 72 53.


From the looks of things your address can't get Flip. Try again if below isn't correct.



  • How long will it take to move house?

    We're going to need a minimum for 5 buisness days to organise your move. If you have a specific date in mind, we'll get that from you so we can line it up for you.

  • What if the people before me haven't disconnected their services?

    If we find services still at your new address before install, we'll need to wait until these are disconnected or until you move in to your new place before we request they are removed to connect yours. If there's any delay, we'll make sure to be in touch to let you know.

  • What if I can't find my address?

    Yea, this can happen. Our address checker looks at the records from the network provider, Chorus. If it doesn't show up it might be under the council address (try 1/79 rather than 79B) or not be loaded properly.

    If you're still having trouble, chat with us or email

  • What if I live in an apartment?

    Try typing your apartment number to narrow down the search results like this: APT 12 56 Queen Street.

    Still no luck? We might need to search a bit further, chat with us or email

  • What if there are two results for my address?

    The best idea is to try both. Our system will find out which one is right and show you the services for your place.

    If both addresses show services, just select the top one to sign up and we'll take it from there.

  • I'm in a new house but I can't get service?

    If your house isn't built, or hasn't received council sign-off yet, it may not be loaded in to the addressing system. We'll need to wait until this is done by the council and Chorus before we are able to let you know what we can offer you.

    If you think everything should be finished, you might want to check in with your council and ask when it will be added.