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top performing broadband
We've consistently been a top performer in TrueNet's broadband report. If you want sweet speeds, Flip's the provider for you.
carry over data and minutes
Here at Flip any unused data simply carries over to the next month – and can last up to a whole year.
awesome online support
Flip offers industry leading online support that actually works. Our self-service is intuitive and easy. If you need to get hold of us, it's really quick.
safe mode
With the click of a button, Safe Mode creates a first line of defence which blocks R16+ and illegal sites according to NZ law. Completely free of charge.
fast broadband
Here at Flip we offer the same fast broadband like any other big internet provider. And just like them, we’ve spent millions building our own high quality infrastructure to give you solid, fast and reliable broadband.
no contract
With Flip, we can provide a range of no contract options. This can give you peace of mind and flexibility if required.





Free landline to landline calling anywhere in New Zealand for as long as you like.

500 NZ


500 minutes to any mobile network in New Zealand.


Toll Rates

TOP 10


Whopping 100 hours to spend on TOP 10 international destinations for $10/month.

TOP 20


Whopping 100 hours to spend on TOP 20 international destinations for $15/month.

TOP 50


Whopping 100 hours to spend on TOP 50 international destinations for $25/month.


free pin code
A great way to keep your toll calling bill under control and can be turned off or on as need be with no charge. Please note, this free service will not work if you have a monitored house alarm.
voicemail, call divert, call waiting
Voicemail: Gives callers the option of leaving a message if you are on another call, not at home, or you simply you don't want to answer the phone.

Call Divert: If you are expecting a call but you won't be home, you can set up call forwarding to any mobile phone or homeline you like. Forwarded calls are charged at our standard p/min rates.

Call Waiting: This will let you know when someone else is trying to call you while you are already on a call. You can switch between calls when you hear the beeps by pressing the # key on your phone. Easy.

Caller ID: Allows you to see who is calling you before picking up. Just make sure your phone can display numbers.


  • Are there installation charges?
    At Flip our standard install is $25 which is suitable for most connections. But we often discount this for joining us online.

    A line filter is required for each active jack point in the household. A wiring charge may apply in some situations outside of Flip's control.
  • What modem will I need?
    At Flip, pretty much any modem/router will work as long as it's ADSL2+ compliant. You can find that out in the manual, it's also usually on the box somewhere.

    If you've had broadband before (or have it connected at your place at the moment) use that modem - no need for a new one.

    The only exceptions are Orcon Genius and Motorola modems.
  • What happens if I run out of data?
    At Flip, we don't believe in punishing you for running out of data. So we'll slow you down to old school broadband. Not dial up like other providers. Everything will work fine, just not at the high speeds you're used to.

    If this happens you'll receive an email and SMS letting you know the story. At that point you can choose to buy more data or carry on with limited speed for the rest of your bill period.
  • How long does it take to get connected to Flip?
    Once we receive your first payment, please allow up to a week. We'll do our best to speed this up if we can.
  • Do you have a fair use policy for your calling packs?
    Flip's Unlimited calling packs are for residential use for standard person to person calls to standard numbers or mobiles within NZ and standard numbers at our 85 destinations. Unlimited calling excludes premium and special numbers.

    These calling packs cannot be used for multiple simultaneous calling, re-supply, business or call center usage, telemarketing, application-to-person communication, continuously call forwarding, auto-dialing, machine to machine communication, or any other activity that Flip considers to be non-standard personal usage.
  • What are your p/min toll rates?
    They are really cheap. Check them out here.
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